Value of Certification survey

(Pearson Vue 2023)

(source: Pearson VUE’s 2023 Value of IT Certification Candidate Report highlights the importance of certification for career progression in a post-pandemic era)

The 2023 Value of IT Certification Candidate Report, the eighth in an ongoing series, shares the perspectives and experiences of more than 21,000 professionals in 176 countries who prepared for and earned IT certifications with Pearson VUE amidst changing and challenging working conditions. This year’s report proves even further that the value of IT certifications is understood and appreciated by both those pursuing them and their employers.

Certification candidates are investing in building their knowledge and skills, starting to pursue credentials earlier in their careers, and enjoying benefits such as earning more money, finding more fulfilling jobs, and feeling more confident in their capabilities.

Likewise, their employers are supporting employee upskilling efforts and as a result, seeing higher quality work outputs and improving employee retention rates. We remain convinced that these are no longer trends but new realities, and that IT certifications will continue to demonstrate value across industries, on a global scale.

Dr. Gary Gates, Managing Director, Pearson VUE states, “The report provides a view into why people seek certification, how they benefit, and how obtaining credentials impacts the bottom lines of their employers. This edition also reveals how certification dynamics have changed since our previous candidate-focused report, and what to expect over the next year.”

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Key findings: Benefits from certification


Job Promotion 22%
Job Change 7%
Find work 3%
IT Role 5%
Skills, knowledge, competence 47%
Enhance résumé 15%
College/program application 0%