Microsoft 365 Administrator Essentials Course


Microsoft 365 Administrator Essentials

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This course covers the following key elements of Microsoft 365 administration: Microsoft 365 tenant management, Microsoft 365 identity synchronization, and Microsoft 365 security and compliance.

  • Microsoft 365 tenant configuration
  • Managing Users & Licenses
  • Managing Groups
  • Add a custom domain
  • Configure client connectivity
  • Configure Administrative Roles
  • Manage tenant health & services
  • Deploy Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise
  • Analyze your Microsoft 365 Workplace with Viva Insights
  • Explore Identity Synchronization
  • Manage Secure User Access
  • Examine Threats & Data Breaches
  • Explore Security Solutions in Microsoft 365 Defender
  • Examine Privileged Identity Management
  • Examine Azure Identity Protection
  • Examine Exchange Online Protection
  • Examine Microsoft Defender for Office 365
  • Manage Safe Attachments & Links
  • Explore Threat Intelligence
  • Implement App Protection with Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
  • Implement Endpoint Protection with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint


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