#AzureAD: It’s time to migrate your v1.0 Conditional Access policies to v2.0

We were talking a lot about Azure AD Conditional Access Policies in the past, in fact you can click here to search this blog about all these past topics. But there is a recent announcement from the product group, a really important one for those of you that use these policies today.

You should be aware already of the retirement of the “old” classic Azure Portal. As we approach to the retirement date, you should move from policies that you probably have at the app level to the new Conditional Access Policies.

What will you get? A view of classic policies in the new Azure portal, so to be able to see your policies created in the classic Azure portal, Intune Silverlight portal, and the Intune App Protection portal.

For the shake of the migration you should also see A disable option for each classic policy. Once you’ve re-created the policies, you’ll need to disable the old classic policy.

These two views will let you migrate easily, because you can actually see the old ones and create the new policies in the same portal. Your old policies will continue to work, until you disable them manually.

In case you need help, just go and take a look at this article: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/active-directory-conditional-access-migration

Thanks for your time!

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